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30 September 1987
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Made for me by bouncywild. :3

If you're looking for my writing/art, please go here for my fic/art index!

Or if you're looking for my 'Axel Adventures', please go here!

365daysofrs - A year of my life in lame photos 8D

I'm an 23 year-old graduate who's jobless and likes being a bum.

The one word I'd use to describe myself is "SPAZ". I am one to the extreme.

I use the emoction XD far too much.

But that's probably because I love to laugh. Laughing really does make everything better. I'm the one people come to when they need a laugh, since I can make a joke from just about anything. ^^

I can also be serious at times, though. I'm not really a big talker, but I'll always listen.

I love making new friends! :D Please feel free to add me (if you do, tell me! <3), and I'll add you back. If you have Yahoo! Messenger, I'm on it a lot so you can message me there too.

My favorite fandoms are Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. Since this is primarily a writing journal, a lot of fanfiction from those two are in here.

Riku/Sora and Zack/Cloud are my OTPs forever. ♥

Speaking of which, I mod a Zack/Cloud community, ffvii_clack, so come join us if you love them!

I'm a proud, squealing yaoi fangirl. xD Actually, I'm just a fangirl in general. Beware ;D

I'm a writer first and foremost, though I like drawing and making random props and costumes and stuff. xD I'm big into cosplay, even though I don't get out to cons much. Cosplayers RULE!

You got my back, I got yours. I value all of my friends dearly. ^^

Other places I can be found:




...and here. xD

GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!

AkuRoku is Nobody love.

"I hold the opinion that everything you write is automatically badass. :D" - maruthecurious

MY THEME SONG (sung to the tune of Mentos: The Freshmaker):

"RS goes better, epic yaoi, yaoi goes better with...Mentos...fresh and full of...buttsecks?" - sunlightsama


RS is my number one girly
Whose hair is wavy, not curly
I am as sure as can be
She's my perfect wifey
And she looks not a thing like Liz Hurley


bouncywild/rainbowserenity = OTP ♥

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